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15th of April 2013

Hello friends of FONELISCO!

One more exciting month is over and it was a month with a lot of things we really want to share with you! So here it is: The newsletter of April 2013.

As always, let us start at the orphanage. Since our last newsletter we haven’t received any new children. But we are happy to inform you that the girls Anne, Mage and Stella integrated nicely in the orphanage. Especially Stella went through a great development. Her plaster could have been removed so that she is now living in the centre with her sisters. Since her arrival there, she started laughing, playing and talking so much!

As well we concentrated this month very much on cleanliness and hygiene. So, especially thanks to our two volunteers Laura and Tatjana, we taught them of how to use soap, toilet paper and about the importance of keeping the orphanage clean. As well they received cups where they can keep their tooth brushes inside so that they are clean, too.

Our education is going on, as well. Not only that English lessons are taking place and the smaller children are still regularly taught in the nursery, we focused as well on reading. The children love this and especially the older children are allowed to take some books from the office that they can read and give back afterwards. For the other children, our volunteers are reading the books aloud and translating in for them. They always really love this and it is a good experience for both the kids and the volunteers.

As you might have noticed, we are currently updating our website and facebook – page a lot. We want to keep it up to date and hope that you like the changes but we excuse our server problems from time to time.

Our sport is going on as well. Again we had another match against a team close to the Saba-Saba market. Unfortunately we lost 2:3, but still we had a lot of fun. Our league in the orphanage itself is going on, too. This time it was “Azam” who won the girls’ cup and for the boys, the “Yangas” were able to win a breathtaking final in the penalty shootout.

Apart from that we don’t want to miss sharing our great Easter with you!

On Sunday our volunteers went very early to the orphanage and hid some presents for the children in the garden. After that, they woke up the children and the children were looking for their packages. It was a nice surprise for the children and they were very happy. The content of the little presents was sweets, nuts and eggs.
For the lunch the children were eating goat donated by our staff member Charles whom we thank a lot.
To complete this awesome day the children were dancing to music in the evening. Dancing and music is something that they always enjoy a lot!
On Monday, the children were given a nice breakfast with fruits and mandazi and some friends of Fonelisco donated lots of food like rice, sugar and corn flower. We really have to thank them! Thanks to this donation, the children are getting much more rice and other food than before!

Furthermore, we had the nice surprise last week that one of our goats has become a mother. We have to thank Anna Deckert, a former volunteer from Germany, who had the idea of buying this goat!

But we had to struggle a lot with paying the rent for the next three months again. This payment is challenging us a lot. We were about to be thrown out of the house when our German partners, the Fonelisco e.V., sent us money that enabled us paying the rent. We are really looking forward moving to the New Land to get rid of this problem.

There, things are going on well. Even if we still haven’t received the container, we know now when the first of our Austrians and Swedish friends will arrive to start caring about administrative things before the construction. We are happy to welcome four of them next week here at Fonelisco. Before their arrival here, they will be in Dar Es Salaam to care about the container.

Meanwhile we were able to complete the construction of the road. There are now only a very few things left to be finished but the container can come every day now, the road is waiting for it! We planted lots of new trees and flowers on the New Land and our rice planting is progressing quite well.

We are all assure that it will be a great time for Fonelisco and its children as soon as we have moved to the New Land where we can enjoy our life and work in a great atmosphere! We have to thank all the people who are helping us making this dream come true.

In the hope of welcoming you soon in Mwanza


Joseph Mabinga Elias

Executive Director of Fonelisco

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